Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why is my Blog Site a Target for Spam?

It's been worse over the past couple of weeks. Solicitations for female Viagra, shoes, something in Chinese I can't read, and someone who just says I have a "genial" post. I wonder if anyone else out there is getting the same. Perhaps it's because I have been inactive for a while on my site, and browsers think I wouldn't notice, except for the fact I have my comments moderation function turned on. Any advice on how to be less of a target, anyone?


Anonymous said...

i actually love your own writing style, very useful.
don't give up and keep writing for the reason that it just very well worth to read it,
excited to looked over far more of your articles, enjoy your day :)

David Wayne Hampton: said...

Thank you, Anonymous. I appreciate the compliment. I hope to get back to blogging this summer after things at work settle down.

Anonymous said...

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David Hampton: said...

Thank you! I've done some researching and found out that it is common practice now for people to try inserting "backlinks" in people's blog sites to generate traffic to their own website. You can avoid this by turning on comment moderation on your own blog so that you get an e-mail showing the comment, then you can decide to accept it or reject it. If you allow a backlink to be posted, it is like flies to stink, more people will flock to try posting more.