Friday, June 6, 2008

Writers Swap Poetry at Country Store

The next day after the Rita Riddle Book Release (see Apr. 22nd blog), SAWC joined other writers from Floyd, Virginia to read and share their work at Floyd's Country Store. We all had a great time. I got to see how revitalized downtown Floyd had become since I last travelled through there about 15 years ago, and since it has become an official stop on Virginia's Crooked Road Heritage Music Trail. It just came to my attention that there was an article published in the Floyd Press on May 1st about our poetry reading by Colleen Redman, who also attended and read some of her work. You can read it at her blog:

Loose Leaf Notes: Poets at the Floyd Country Store

Some great photos of the event were taken as well. As for the last photo, all I can say is that I was in a deeply reflective pose and was NOT asleep while Jim Minnick was reading his poem (in case you were wondering, Jim!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hank Williams' Last Words

We met, we lived, and dear we loved,
then comes that fatal day,
the love that felt so dear
fades far away.

-- At a gas station in Oak Hill, West Virginia, the driver, after finding him dead, found this on a slip of paper clutched in his hand.

[from Kevin C. Stewart, "Silenced", in Appalachian Heritage 35:4 (Fall 2007) 78.]