Saturday, July 28, 2007


Posteriors in Perspective

festoons of
fabulous fannies
down the sidewalk
march proudly behind
women who know
what a caboose is

bicycle buns
perch precariously
on tiny padded pedestals
and watch from above
while the legs
get all the credit

skinny dipping
bare white buns
shining in the sun
laughing, swimming
not so secretly
among sweet shrubs
and the summer shade
of rhododendrons

wide loads
dimple-cheeked thighs
wearing elastic pants
wandering the aisles
at Wal-Mart
and whispering
against one another
as they brush past
with their shopping carts

Daisy Dukes
double take
low riding and
dropping out the back
should be a sin
mere inches of ragged
Levi demons
daringly dressed or
denim deficient?
it depends on the degree
of degradation

1 comment:

Mike said...

Nice little piece, David. Really liked the alliteration in the last part. Almost a tongue-twister. lol